Su’ad Abdul Khabeer

Su’ad Abdul Khabeer was born in 1978 and raised in Crown Heights and Flatbush. She earned her Bachelor of Science in foreign service from Georgetown University; her diploma in Arabic and Islamic studies from Abu Nour University in Damascus, Syria; and her Doctor of Philosophy in cultural anthropology from Princeton University. She examined the relationship between race and popular culture in her book Muslim Cool: Race, Religion, and Hip Hop in the United States (2016) and ongoing performances of Sampled: Beats of Muslim Life. She joined the faculty at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in 2011 as a professor of American culture and Arab and Muslim American studies. See this narrator’s full biography and oral history.

Oral History Clips:

Su’ad Abdul Khabeer discusses cross-cultural relationships.

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Portrait of Su'ad Abdul Khabeer

Portrait of Su’ad Abdul Khabeer in Brooklyn.

Photo by Joey O’Loughlin